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About Total Management Support Services

All business enterprises & organizations are subject to fluctuating fortunes largely because of intense competition & fast pace of technological changes. The life cycle of an Enterprise remains limited. Total Management Support Services (TMSS) was set up in 1995, as a proprietary firm of Premsagar Chhabra. It is an informal confederation of what we call as “ Executive Consultants “, because apart from Advisory & Consulting Services, we provide “ execution support services “, as part time co-managers or full time CEO, with prime focus on SMEs.

TMSS team associates, also operating as independent consultants in the respective fields, are professionals with past hands on experience in diverse positions as CEO,COO and/or chief of the functional areas such as Finance, Technology and manufacturing, Quality Assurance, MIS, IT…

About TMSS Ventures Pvt. Ltd. (TVPL)

The company incorporated in May 2011, is a transformed constitution of TMSS, whereby in addition to the consulting business, it is meant to access funds, which are often sorely needed to provide funding options to SMEs in particular. Eventually, the intent is to build its own resource base to be able to provide both “Talent & Funds“to SMEs, which suffer in sustainability of respective business, mainly on account of one or both of these reasons. The change in constitution is also in consideration of the original TMSS Business Model, which provides for options on Investments/Stake in the business, wherever TMSS is engaged for ‘Professional Management’ or otherwise on substantial consulting assignment.

Trigger to the TMSS concept . . .

Why should there be deterioration inwardly, psychologically? Beyond all explanations which a good brain can give why do we choose the worse and not better, why hate rather than love, why greed & not generosity, why self centered activity and not open total action? Why be mean when there are soaring mountains and flashing streams? Why jealousy and not love? Why? Seeing the facts leads to one thing and opinions & explanations to another. Seeing the fact that we decline, deteriorate is all important & not the why & therefore of it. Explanation has very little significance in the face of a fact, but to be satisfied with explanations, with words is one of the major factors of deterioration. Why war & not peace? The fact is we are violent; conflict, inside & outside the skin, is part of our daily life - ambition & success. Seeing this fact and not the explanation & the subtle word, puts an end to deterioration.
..........J.Krishnamurti,The Impossible Question

The words of wisdom that set TMSS on its journey in 1995, asking. .

Why is it …

....that in the same kind of business and in exactly identical product groups there are very high performers and there are also sick units?

.....that so many companies perform well for some time and then start stagnating and die out?

....that there are only a few companies which are able to sustain performance and growth for years together?

....that there are even fewer companies, that have a consistently credible image of good and value based management practices?

Our Perspective

Research shows that more than 50% of the companies fold up within two years & average life expectancy is around 30 years.

At TMSS we are asking why can’t the life expectancy of the organizations be extended to 100 years and beyond.

   "Remember, the long term vision includes the short term but the short term vision may miss out completely on the long term perspective"

Our Mission

“To continually research and upgrade the principles of management practices and apply these in our consulting work for facilitating sustained performance of the organizations, in terms of profitability, growth and social responsibility.”

“To share our knowledge & understanding with the management fraternity through our consulting work, management development programmes, training and seminars.”

Our Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Win-win Strategy
  • Simultaneous Responsibility to Client, Society & Environment
  • Offering Innovative Solutions
  • To mean what we say consistently


Dinesh B. Patel,


Sintex Group

We have employed Mr. Chhabra in the year 1969 in Bharat Vijay Mill (Now known as Sintex Industies Ltd) as a Project Engineer. At that time, we were in the...