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Case Studies

Lean Manufacturing case study

We started with a diagnostic study and found the following after meeting customers, channel partners, suppliers and employees - A typical standard MC made by A Ltd sells for Rs 2.5 Mio; similar MC from a foreign supplier sells for Rs 3.5 Mio. So the question is, where is the value getting lost (in spite of putting in almost identical amount of stuff & effort in it)?

Company A Ltd is India's largest manufacturer of CNC Machining Centers (MC), operating out of Bangalore. It faces tough competition from machine tool makers from Japan, Germany, Korea & the US. The market is expanding rapidly but the foreign competitors are gaining market share and profitability is under pressure.

P N Patankar

Lean Manufacturing case study

The company is a pioneer manufacturer of UPS / Transformer and has a good market. Off late company experienced problem in Quality and also not meeting the delivery commitment. The Management felt that this was the time they needed outside intervention , who can look the company with Process point of view and help them in solving the issues.

Mr Patankar was requested for help , and we did a diagnostic survey. The survey revealed many opportunity areas and we agreed to implement principles of Lean Manufacturing .

The Management of the organization ensured its total commitment and the MD himself promised to be present in all SCM.

The efforts had shown good results and later the progress is continued.

ABL Mathur

Organization Development for Corporate Success...

The Author of this paper has been working with Diamines And Chemicals Ltd.(DACL) – a public limited company in the private sector, since its incorporation in 1976 initially as Project Manager (till 1982) : then as Chief Executive (1983) and Executive Director (1984-88) respectively and currently as its O.D. Facilitator and Chief Consultant. It would be appropriate to furnish some vital statistics of the organization so that one can get to know briefly the shape and size of the Company, as well as its products and so on, as the subject I have been given to talk about namely “O.D. for Corporate Success” is naturally dealt with using the history of this company as the main theme plank.


Continuous Learning & Listening as the core issue in Management Practice : A perspective

Anyone who has been in the Business of Managing an Industry or in the field of Management Consultancy or Management Education would have barely missed the new terms or the buzzwords that keep appearing in the Management Literature books, Magazines & so on and which according to their authors seem to suggest the ultimate panacea for all Management ills. Thus we had theories X, Y, Z on Motivation. And then there was that best seller 'In search of Excellence' with its commandments.

And ofcourse lately say in the last one decade or so, which is also probably current in everyone's memory, we have come across many new terms, probably more in nos. than ever before that are still used frequently in the Management Parlance, namely 'TQM', "Kaizens', 'Business Process Re-engineering', or 'BPR', 'Empowerment', 'Restructuring', 'Downsizing', 'Core Competencies' & so on.



An average person usually takes less care of his body that is full of life when compared to other lifeless possessions. As a result he becomes stressed out and becomes prone to diseases. All kinds of stress are really not harmful. Researches claim that a body without the slightest amount of stress would mean a straight line on EEG recording and a death certificate by the doctors. Hence stress is something that is inevitable. But excessive stress may lead to a breakdown of organized functioning. There are many kind of stressors that or stress producing factors that are typical of our organization, culture and our personality. These stressors overtax the organisms and the limits of its adaptability. Therefore, stress need to be monitored and managed so as to better the quality of our life and health.

Rooshikumar Pandy


The author has taken an initiative with full self confidence by changing a procedure that was totally against the working procedure that was given. If something went wrong, it would have cost him losing his job.

M.D. Sharman


Downturn & Crisis action :

Diagnosis :

Revival Options :

Preparation towards Revival – Option III :

Survival Measures :

Revival Process 1998 – 2004 :

Journey from 2004-2011 :



Dinesh B. Patel,


Sintex Group

We have employed Mr. Chhabra in the year 1969 in Bharat Vijay Mill (Now known as Sintex Industies Ltd) as a Project Engineer. At that time, we were in the...