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Mind set change

Management is defined as optimum utilisation of all resources viz. Man, Machine & Materials with Money as the common measuring tool to fulfill the desired objective. Man is the only living resource & all others being dead are manipulated & used by a human being. Therefore Human Resource, is logically the key resource, the optimum utilisation of which determines the Organisation Performance. At TMSS, we have come to define Organisation Effectiveness as a function of effectiveness of people individually & collectively, & can be put up in the form of an equation as follows :

O.E. = T.F. x Σ I.E.

O.E.  - Organisation Effectiveness

I.E.    - Individual Effectiveness

T.F.    - Team Factor

Understanding the basis of human behaviour gets to be the key issue. It seems that like a computer, human mind gets programmed through repetitive inputs, which is essential for acquiring technical skills. However, spill over of this process to psychological area leads to blocks or mind set that cause obstructions in looking at situations afresh or what we can call as looking at things as they are.

Therefore as a part of TMSS focus areas termed 'MIND SET CHANGE', appropriately designed 'Learning Together Sessions' are an integral part of our work to continuously improve and sustain good performance.

Seminars for Mind Set Change

  • Interactive seminars & management development programs (MDPs) to enhance team factor & individual effectiveness.
  • Public seminars & in-house seminars for sustained performance.
  • Custom designed MDPs based on HR climate survey & study of training needs.

Seminars for Mind Set Change *

Public seminars & in-house seminars conducted on the unique subject of ‘Sustainable Performance’ & ‘Adversity Management’ since November, 2002. Record till Aug., 2010
Public seminars 7 Nos.
In-house seminars 10 Nos.
No. of participants 1077

* Excludes in-house MDPs in organizations hiring TMSS as Consultants


Dinesh B. Patel,


Sintex Group

We have employed Mr. Chhabra in the year 1969 in Bharat Vijay Mill (Now known as Sintex Industies Ltd) as a Project Engineer. At that time, we were in the...